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The Pumpkin King

One quiet day of December 25, Jack, a skeleton who reigned as Pumpkin King, tired ever so greatly of his crown. Curious what it was like outside his chambers of Halloweentown, Jack decided to leave his world for another; but only for a time. Jack donned pale human skin, gaining pure white hair and gray eyes. He knew the forest well enough to know what doors to avoid. And so, he stepped through a maple wood tree, and left his world.
Once in this new world, he looked around. The streets were empty and there wasn’t a sound. He did see shadows on the pavement, but it seemed out of place, or at least to him. Then, he heard a voice. A little girl’s voice. Singing a song unknown to him. What child is this, who, laid to rest, On Mary's lap, is sleeping? Whom angels greet with anthems sweet, While shepherds watch are keeping? Jack was still yet curious so he followed the voice, only to find the little girl sitting under the tree. She slowly turned to him, her pumpkin-colored hair swaying and her eyes as big as oranges.
Hello, Mister, she said with a grand smile. There was a long pause. Ah, could you be Mister Reaper? Jack stood ever so silently. Mommy’s told me about you, Mister Reaper. So, have you come to take me away? Jack was in utter shock, confused at this little girl’s words. Have you?
Jack said lowly, I’m not Mister Reaper.
Oh, that’s too bad, the little girl turned back. I really want to meet him.
Why would you want such a thing? Jack asked with his sad eyes.
I’ve accepted my fate, and want to meet him quickly. Mister Reaper. Oh, right. You don’t know, Mister. I’m sick, or at least that’s what Mommy said. Mister Reaper’s supposed to take me away soon, said Mommy.
That’s such a cruel fate. Such an unfortunate child.
Nuh-uh, she shook her head. My name’s Molly, Mister. What’s yours?
Ah, Jack stiffened. I’m…Jack…the-
Oh, wait, I think I’ve heard of you after all, the little girl brightened up. You’re the great King Jack! The little girl looked closely at him. Her little cheeks were rosy red. You’re very pretty King Jack.
Jack’s jaw slowly dropped at Little Molly’s compliment, his pale cheeks turning slightly pink. …Thank you. Then, suddenly, the orange sky turned gray like Jack’s eyes, and white dropped from the sky slowly.
Wah! It’s a White Christmas! Little Molly stood up from her under-tree spot. She began dancing around as the snow mixed with her hair. Jack could only stare at her and watch her twirl around without a care in the world. Merry Christmas, King Jack! This girl with a premonition of death, Jack wanted to protect with all his dead-heart.
Just a story about Jack (from the animated movie The Nightmare Before Christmas) and an OC. The OC was supposed to be between 6 and 10 years old which I never mentioned.

base for preview by ~FreeKissForAll
ninja-tomboy123 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2009
this is so cool :D I look sort of how you described jack skeleton xD
worldperfect Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2009
Truly thank you.
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September 6, 2009
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